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Information lunch

On the 18th of October from 12:40 to 13:20 there is an information lunch in the Light Assembly in Matrix with free pizza!! So do you want to know more about what being in team T.E.S.T. is like, come and visit us !

About Us

Welcome to our page! We are the TU/e sensing team (T.E.S.T.) representing the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the 2023 SensUs Competition. This is a yearly international student competition on engineering rapid biosensors. For more information about the SensUs competition, click here.
In the competition, there are different categories where you can win prices. For example, the team of 2022 has won the award for Distributed Testing Event, and the 2021 team has won the Translational Potential Award. In this year’s SensUs competition, T.E.S.T. 2023 has won the creativity award!

Our multidisciplinary team consists of 8 bachelor and master students, from Medical Science and Technology, Biomedical Engineering, and Computer Science. We all come from different backgrounds, with our own interests and goals, and we will make sure to be a synergistic team ready to compete and contribute to an improvement of people’s quality of life.
This competition allows us to put our theoretical knowledge to the test and apply it to real-life societal problems, engineering an efficient, affordable and easy-to-use biosensor with translational potential for the commercial market. 

On the first of September 2023, our team competes with others to detect Glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), which is a marker for detecting Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  TBI is a disease that has approximately 64-74 million new cases each year. TBI patients suffer from memory loss, cognitive dysfunction or behavioural disturbance. It is important that the severity of TBI can be diagnosed rapidly, so that patients can receive the appropriate treatment. Proper treatment can improve patients’ life and, therefore, we are eager to contribute to the development of a biosensor for TBI. 

Rapid diagnosis of traumatic brain injury on the spot for optimal patient recovery

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