About T.E.S.T.

T.E.S.T. is the student team that competes in the SensUs competition every year. The goal of the competition is to make a biosensor. A biosensor is a sensor that can detect a molecule, also called a biomarker. This biomarker can be present in your blood, and a biosensor is able to detect that. Each year at SensUs, a different biomarker is used and each year, a different T.E.S.T. team competes in the competition. More information about the SensUs competition can be found here.


T.E.S.T. starts in November and ends at the last week of the summer break (so end of August/beginning of September). In the beginning, we will do literature research to get to know more about biosensing, and we will look into different methods of biosensing. Around January, we make a choice about what method we want to use and we will look into this method some more.

From February until April we work on the proof of concept. Here, we will try to prove that our concept really works. This is also when we start to go into the lab or actually make a prototype. From May until the summer break, we will try to improve our concept.

In the summer break, we will finalize the biosensor and merge all the components. At the end of the summer break, the actual SensUs competition takes place. Here, we show our biosensor to other student teams, sponsors and the general public.

From November until the summer break, the efforts for T.E.S.T. will be like an extra subject, so about 15 hours a week on average. In the summer break, you will work full time on T.E.S.T., with exception of two weeks of holiday.

Function tasks

For making a biosensor, we need different disciplines in a team. When you think of biosensing, the most obvious study that comes into mind is Biomedical Engineering. However, making a biosensor is also interesting for other studies! For the sensor, you also need someone who can make the electrical systems (Electrical Engineering for example). When the data comes out, this has to be analysed: a data analyst is necessary. We also have to make a business plan, to pitch why our sensor is the best sensor. Thus, everyone can join T.E.S.T. and learn something!

Why join T.E.S.T.?

It is a lot of fun to join T.E.S.T.. By joining a student team, you will learn a lot, not only about biosensing, but soft skills as well, like pitching, presenting and writing. Next to this, we also have fun activities, like eating dinner together, playing games and getting to know new people.